Is MMA Training is Too Expensive? Energi Coin Can Help You.

Damn man, I wish I could train but it’s just too freakin’ expensive.

Well you can grab some crypto-currency while it’s on a smokin’ HOT bull run and you can get them for FREE!

YES free!

It’s called an EarnDrop and you get 100 Energi (NRG) Coins for passing an easy KYC: 1. selfie of you holding photo ID covering up everything except your name and photo. 2. selfie holding a piece of paper with “ENERGI” and today’s date written on it. Then complete the EASY social media tasks like liking their Facebook page, giving them a Follow on Twitter and subscribing on their YouTube channel, etc.

Use this link:

You get 10 BONUS Energi (NRG) Coins using my referral link.

AND once you sign-up you can also tell all your MMA buddies and other guys that can’t afford to train about ENERGI and how they can get their share of this Crypto Currency too! (You also receive 10 EXTRA NRG when they pass the KYC and do at least 2 social tasks)